Greece is certainly the ideal place to spend a vacation on a sailboat. The islands that surround the mainland offer shelter to any wind and any sea condition, letting you enjoy every day of your vacation. The Greek coasts alternate long and white beaches with high cliffs hosting caves with blue and crystal waters. After sailing, swimming and sun, you can spend the evenings in the colourful streets of Hellenic villages with their white houses and pastel frames.

You can reach the first Greek Ionian Islands after only 40 miles from Otranto: Othoni and Erikousa, small and less popular islands with white beaches and crystalline waters, where itís possible to spend the night at anchor sheltered by little bays. Further south the big island Corfu: in the capital streets (Kerkyra) the signs of a long Venetian dominion are evident. Paxos and Anti-Paxos are about 25 miles from Corfu, they are very popular because of the beautiful sea around them. After 5 hours sailing and having crossed Saint Martha canal, you will reach the islands of Levkas, Sparti, Skorpios, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Atokos which contain a stretch of sea giving you the feeling of sailing on a lake. The last Ionian islands are also the most beautiful: Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos represent a unique marriage between history and nature.

Cyclades give you images of Greece that you only see in postcards: villages on hillsides overlooking the harbour, houses merging into one another, inns hosting seafaring people.


We organize cruises to Greece for one or more weeks.

The itineraries are set in accordance with the skipper and they can always be changed because of weather conditions.


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