PADI Scuba Diving Courses


Aquademia gives you the opportunity to approach scuba activities through four different programs: Discover Scuba, Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver.



Itís your first visit to the underwater world! Itís a real dive with scuba equipment. You only need two hours of your time and a swimsuit. Everyone can make bubbles underwater: what you need is a good physical condition and a minimum age of 8 years old. Our staff will lead you ďby the handĒ to this wonderful experience. No certificate will be issued.



Is the swimming pool not enough for you? Are you looking for more adventure? Dive with us into the sea! First a diving lesson in the swimming pool, some theory and finally letís go play with the fishes. Spend a few hours with us: itíll be unforgettable! Try it! Youíll receive a certificate of attendance which will be accredited to an eventual future scuba course. The minimum age to participate is 10 years old.



Are you planning to repeat this adventure many times in the future, but you donít have much time? With 3 theory units, 3 dives in a swimming pool and 2 into the sea, you will be enabled to dive whenever you like with the supervision of a professional diver and to a maximum depth of 12 mt. This program can be accredited as part of the Open Water Diver. Required: a minimum age of 10 years old and a medical certificate.



Do you like Scuba Diving? Do you really want to dive into adventure?ÖGood, you made the right choice! Open Water Diver Course counts: 5 theory units, 5 dives into a swimming pool and 4 into the sea. The course allows you to dive with a friend to a depth of 18 mt without an instructor. Our staff will follow your progress independently from the number of lessons that you will need to master the underwater activity. Our instructors will plan the lessons with you. The Open Water Diver Course is a passport to the underwater world! Itís required a minimum age of 10 years old and a medical certificate.



Aquademia offers a variety of programs that will increase your theoretical and practical knowledge of scuba diving.



Next step after certification is to make dive trips to expand your skills and to have fun with your friends. The idea is to prolong the learning stage as much as possible to acquire more confidence with scuba diving in different environments and conditions. We propose safe and adventurous dive trips. Every Adventure Dive is preceded by a theory unit and a briefing from the instructor, who will follow you into the water to help you achieve safely certain goals and different diving techniques, such as:

          Peak Performance Buoyancy

          Underwater Navigation

          Deep Diving

          Night Diving

          Wreck Diving

          Search and Recovery Diving

          Underwater naturalist

          Dry Suit Diving

          Multilevel Diving

          Boat Diving

          Underwater Photography

          Öand many others

After having successfully completed 3 experience dives, you will be qualified as an Adventure Diver.



If you complete 5 adventurous dives (within these Depth and Navigation) you will be certified as Advanced Open Water Diver.


If you want to focus your attention to helping others, you can attend the Medic First Aid Program and the Rescue Diver Program.


Itís a basic training course in First Aid techniques and CPR. This program is designed for divers and non-divers. Itís a theory-practical course which provides you with all criteria to handle a medical emergency. With this qualification you can attend a Rescue Diver Course.



During this course you will learn how to prevent and handle an emergency situation in the sea: itís an important stage in the development of scuba experience. Itís based on performances: it requires theory lessons and exercises in ďsignificantĒ environments for the students, participating also to drills on the sea. With Aquademia you will acquire this ability having fun.

With a Rescue Diver qualification you can enter the prestigious family of scuba professionals attending courses as Divemaster and Assistant Instructor.


Itís the first level of PADI leadership! Have you ever wondered who organizes all activities for certificated divers in a diving center? Who leads the divers to new diving sites? Who teaches snorkeling and skin-diving? Who organizes the logistic support during the courses? Or who helps the divers refresh their diving techniques after a period of inaction? The answer is: the Divemaster! You must be very prepared to take this responsibility. Our staff will lead you through all the stages (theory and practice). You will face hard work, but this prestigious qualification and the satisfaction of being a reference for many divers are a great motivation.



Itís exactly what the name suggests: an assistant for all educational activities in a scuba school. An Assistant Instructor teaches Peak Performance Buoyancy courses, assists the students during their theory units; evaluates with our team the studentsí performances in the water; conducts ďDiscover ScubaĒ and much more. In short: he/she is a valid member of a team in scuba teaching.


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