The Salento coast is definitely a paradise for sailors and sea lovers in general: you can find crystal water and have the chance of sailing with the right wind all year long. The Salentina peninsula separates the Ionian Sea from the Adriatic Sea. You can choose to sail along the east coast, from S. Cataldo to Otranto, Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca, or the west coast: Riva di Ugento, Gallipoli, Portoselvaggio, Porto Cesareo and the Gulf of Taranto. Tourism in Salento has always been synonymous with “culture”. Known as the “Gateway to Orient”, the boot’s heel has always been a meeting point for different cultures and an important trading junction between East and West. Messapians, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Bourbons are some of the pieces of this cultural mosaic, enriched with trades with Venice and the Orient. Gastronomy in Salento is a sum up of its history and traditions, it’s in fact enriched with unique dishes that remind Arabic, Spanish and Greek cuisine. If Salento was, in the past, a land for the Greeks to conquer and to trade with, today is Greece for us a destination for our vacations. Leaving from Santa Maria di Leuca it’s possible to reach in 6 hours Othoni and Erikousa, little and enchanting Ionian islands with a crystal seabed.

We organize cruises to Salento for a week or a week end.

The itineraries are set in accordance with the skipper and they can always be changed because of weather conditions.


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