The Proetected Area in Torre Guaceto is very interesting from a naturalistic and underwater point of view.

The area above sea level, “humid” type, hosts an interesting naturalistic WWF oasis, a destination for migratory birds in transit. The underwater area offers the possibility to explore an untouched seabed. Offshore (from -20 till -40 mt), the coral platform extends as a belt to contain, nearby the coast, a large area of posidonia, (within -10 and -25 mt). The seabed, apparently tedious, is here and there rutted by deep incisures and little depressions, which rock faces, full of holes, host congers, moray eels, lobsters and octopuses. One of these depressions stretches between the tower and the first of a series of rocks, presenting vertical rock faces 5-7 mt high, starting 3 mt deep. The seabed around the rocks is scattered with crocks to testimony the existence, in an ancient past, of a landing place for cargo ships, which were loaded with pottery goods from the furnaces in Apani, in the inland. The area is divided in three sections with a different degree of environmental protection and it hosts a marine national park which is kept by the “Capitaneria di Porto” in Brindisi.

To this day , it is not possible to make guided dives within the protected area. The “Consorzio di Gestione” in Torre Guaceto has presented a regulation to the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Territory, but it has not been approved yet. As soon as the area will be open for diving, Aquademia will organize new excursions for its divers. At the moment it’s possible do dive within the area taking part to the seabed cleaning days, promoted by Aquademia and the “Consorzio di Gestione”.


The Protected Area

·          Managing Authority: Consorzio di Gestione di Torre Guaceto

·          Location: Via S. Anna, 6 – 72012 Carovigno (BR)

·          Tel. 0831/990882

·          Fax 0831/994916

·          E-mail:

·          Surface: 1.000 ha

·          Province: Brindisi

·          Foundation: 1991



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Management Consortium of Torre Guaceto   - Preservation and value assessment-

The Management Consortium of Torre Guaceto was developed at the end of the year 2000. The Consortium was formed from the Town Councils of Brindisi and Carovigno and from WWF Italia, the largest Italian environmental organization. The administrative headquarters is located in the charming Dentice of Frasso Castle, built in the fifteenth century in Carovigno, at Via S. Anna 6 and can be contacted by phone at 0831.990.882. The Visitor Center can be found in the suburb of Carovigno, Serranvoa, bordering the park. The department of the Management Consortium of Torre Guaceto which deals with the marine and terrestrial reserve devotes itself every day in the preservation of this delicate territory by means of monitoring and environmental protection. The department is also very careful in maintaining the development of the territory being as the consortium is still in the registration phase, EMAS II (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). The consortium has also been working on an interesting experiment that deals with new and innovative ways of enjoying and being a part of nature. Not only are the there excursions available through the park; there are also distinctive cultural attractions that bring together simplicity and tranquility through influences from the natural surroundings of the park with those of music, theatre and poetry. For more information you can visit the official website of the park at



The Protected Territory   - A land out of its time-

The Protected Coast and the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto is comprised of and encloses a precious stretch of an uncontaminated and charming coast where time seems to have stopped. The park extends itself at approximately 1000 hectares of sea that makes up an overall stretch of coast of approximately seven kilometers. The last man-made construction that was created on this coast was the ancient tower of Guaceto that was built back in 1500 by Aragonese as an outpost in order to warn them of invasions by the turks. Since then, tanks to a great amount of strength and preservation, the tower has not been in need of reconstruction. It's the tower, seated on a tall headland that is raised on the sea, that dominates the rest of the Natural Reserve, which is an astonishing territory of biodiversity. This biodiversity can be seen by looking at the century-old olive trees or at the forest of real and true sculptures that are interrupted only by dry, low walls and winding paths. The tall sand dunes which peak on the sea are studded in the summer season with lilies and are overcome by century-old junipers. Coming down from these sand dunes you encounter the blue that is the Mediterranean, which is full of tales and essence. One cannot not remain fascinated by the intriguing landscape and ambience that is followed by encounters and emotions full of colors and feelings that are captured in the silence of the wetland (the reserve was considered a wetland in the 90's of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention) or in the sea which appears suddenly from the vegetation of the golden sand of from the infinite number of sea shells in the crystal clear waters. The discovery continues in the deep sea where there are fields of Posidonia, fishes which are never disturbed, and precious coral reefs. A paradise of nature and colors raised up on sweet waters of subsoil; real essence and source of this land, the place of sweet waters as was baptized by the turks that came from the sea (Gawsit was the original name which later became Guaceto). Century-old trees and rare orchids are mixed for the creatures of the sea and for mankind whom in the past lived in Torre Guaceto and still today continue to seek refuge in order to find themselves in the sea and to be at peace with nature.


Natural Sensations

The Natural Reserve for the protection of the state and land-coast of Torre Guaceto has the good fortune of being enclosed. Even though the park does not take up a large amount of space, it is filled with a large diversity of habitats and sceneries. This biological diversity allows for various ways of bringing together fun and the pleasure of a taking a walk through nature with respect and knowledge of the park.

For reservations, call the Visitor Center in Serranova - phone 0831.989.885