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ESA SMILE DIVER: Simple and versatile program dedicated to the children from 8 years in on. It previews a theoretical part, the development of some simple exercises in confined water and a diving exploration breathing from the regulator right underwater, all under close supervision of an ESA Instructor. The ESA Smile Diver Card allows to carry out the activity, under close supervision of an ESA Professional, for 21 days from the release date.

ESA EASY DIVE: Underwater activity introduction program chosen by whom wants to try before deciding if to attend the course, or by whom does not have much time and for who it wishes to explore the underwater world in low water and under the supervision of an ESA Professional. 1 academic lessons, the development of some simple exercises in confined water and an underwater exploration within 4 meters depth under close control of an ESA Professional. Some exercises can be credit to you for course ESA New Diver and ESA Open Water Diver, within 21 days from the date of release of the ESA Easy Dive Card.

ESA NEW DIVER (EN 14153-1): This certification can be chosen by whom desires a gradual approach with the diving activities or prefers to dive under the supervision of a diving professional in shallow water (10 meters). The course consist in 2 academic lessons, 2confined water sessions and 2 open water dives.

ESA OPEN WATER DIVER (EN 14153-2): This course gives all the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to safely dive within 18 meters depth in a buddy team, with another diver with an Open Water certification or more. There are, as minimun training, 5 academic lessons, 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives.

ESA ADVANCED DIVER: During this course the diver learns fundamental techniques in different diving subjects such as : diving with a computer, buoyancy control, uw navigation, deep diving and night or naturalist dives.

ESA PREVENTION & RESCUE DIVER: This course presents the fundamental techniques and preparation to being able to prevent or collaborate in a diving rescue operation. 6 academic lessons and 4 practical units form the course. A minimum of 20 dives is required to start the course.

ESA SPECIALTY DIVER: There are several diving areas where itís possible to get a Specialty Diver certification. The purpose of these courses is to deepen the knowledge and the practical abilities for properly plan and dive in a new environments or with new techniques.

ESA FIRST AID: The course provides the fundamental information to help other people in case of an accident occurs. A simple but efficient program explains several elementary actions that can be kept to give a little, but often very important, support during an emergency.

ESA HI DIVER: This level is a combination of these three certifications: ESA Prevention & Rescue + 3 ESA Specialties + First Aid; in addition the divers has to prove to have at least 60 dives. The ESA Hi Diver certifies the most complete recreational diving education.



DIVELEADER (EN 14153-3): Practice and theoretical preparation for being able to operate like Underwater Guide, Instructor and Guide for the snorkeling, Assistant Instructor. 6 theoretical presentations, 13 dives and at least 8 laboratories, during which the candidate simulates real diving activity. The minimal age in order to approach the course is 18 years. , must possess ESA Prevention & Rescue Diver certification (or comparable), ESA First Aid certification (or comparable) and the diver has to prove to have at least 60 dives. Beyond introduce to the Professional diving world, ESA Diveleader certification concurs to approach to the ESA Instructor training program (Instructors Course ESA).


OPEN WATER INSTRUCTOR (EN 14413-2): This course provides all the theoretical and practical information to teach diving activities. 18 years, 15 months since first certification and 100 dives logged are three of the requirements to became an ESA Instructor. Beyond the ESA Diveleader program, ESA training system previews different level of Instructors training course. ESA IC: Instructor Course. ESA QP: Qualifying Program purposely thought for who is already Underwater Instructor of an other organization and wants to become an ESA Professional ESA. ESA IE: Instructor Examination for ESA Instructors, an objective and structured system that verify the IC/QP ESA candidates preparation.


ESA Professional Levels include:









Complete ESA didactic line dedicated to the snorkelers. It previews courses and experience programs in order to improve the useful techniques and knowledges to explore the underwater world with fins mask and snorkel.


ESA training materials concerning prevention and management of an emergency follow the guidelines approved by DAN Ė Divers Alert Network. During any ESA courses, the ESA Instructor is supported by the newest educational aid such as update manuals, videos, slides, cd-roms and other complementary accessories that improve and make the students learning easier. Itís important to notice that the annual agreement that an ESA Instructor signs is also his commitment, and the guarantee that the ESA Instructor maintains the high quality standards in every recreational diving activity, not only during a course.


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